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The Law Offices of Ralph F. Tellefsen III provide wills and probate services for our clients.  A will is a legal document that allows a person, the testator, to decide how their estate will be managed and distributed after they pass away.   The probate process entails collecting the decedent’s assets, paying necessary taxes, liquidating any liabilities, and distributing the property to the heirs.   Probate of a will means proving in court that the deceased person’s will is genuine and valid and that legal formalities were followed when their will was drafted.  Our law firm can help and guide you through the wills and probate process.

Probating an estate entails:

  • Collecting decedent’s probate property
  • Collecting all rights to dividends, income, etc.
  • Allocating property to heirs
  • Settling any disputes
  • Paying any debt, claims or taxes the estate owes

In most cases, the decedent would have named an executor of the will who will manage their affairs after they have passed away.  If an executor was not named, a representative will be appointed by the court to settle the estate.

In a will, people are allowed to designate their property however they may please, but in some situations, the wishes of the decedent may be overridden by the court, depending on state laws and the relationship to the decedent.   Most states entitle the spouse of the decedent to a certain amount of property, and creditors may have a claim on the property as well.  Our proficient legal team has vast experience handling wills and probate cases for our clients, and will guide you through the process.

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